The information on the Ashton Hill website is the only service we provide. It is our medium to let the public know that we decided to make one of our own properties available for rent or purchase. We are not an agent and we do not act on behalf of a third party.


Buy & Sell

If you are interested in one of the properties that are currently offered for sale, please send us an Expression of Interest (EOI) directly or via the contact page here. We do not buy or sell properties for anyone else.

Our private rental properties may become available from time to time. The minimum lease term is one year for private tenants and two years for corporate tenants. All lease agreements in accordance with therms set out by NSW Department of Fair Trading.
Arriving in a New Home should be a pleasurable experience for everyone. We recommend you engage a professional relocation firm close to yoru current residence.
In case you require a mortage for purchasing one of our own properties, we expect you to be pre-approved for the required mortage before you get in touch with us.
Property Management
The house and apartments shown at the Ashton Hill website here are all our own. We very much care about eclusive living properties, all kept up to highest standard. We expect the same from you, if lease a property from us.
All our properites are fully insured. For your personal belongings we recommend that you protect yourself by taking out tenant insurance.