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Ashton Hill Estate

Turramurra NSW 2014



As private owners we are very proud to be able to present here a portfolio of Exclusive Living properties. Occationally, we have some properties available for private and corporate lease and for sale.

We are not agents for a third party such as realestate agents.
We very much care about our carefully selected and well maintained properties.

If you rent or lease one of our properties, we’ll ask you to enter a NSW Standard Residential Tenancy Agreement as stipulated by NSW Department of Fair Trading. This is the same tenacy agreement you’d receive from a realestate agent, except without the obligatory agent fees attached to the process.

If you purchase a property from us domestically or from overseas, you’ll interact directly with us, the private owner of the property. Once you’ll feel comfortable with the purchase of the property, we’ll engage with your legal representatives (solitiors) to complete the purchase and transfer of ownsership according Australian and NSW legal requirements. The NSW Goverment may charge a stamp duty tax for registering your ownership, which you as purchaser will be liable to pay; but you won’t be paying for any agent fees and other incidentals.